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Embracing 2024:  A Circular Fashion Revolution

Circular Fashion Sneakers OUR CHOICE 2024

This is Filip - I've been thinking about the new year and here are my thoughts: Unlike the fleeting resolutions that often dissipate faster than a snowflake in January, this year invites us to explore the psyche of a new beginning—one that holds particular significance in our journey toward a circular economy.

I've long pondered the peculiar absence of incentives for the average person to embrace circular practices.While we've successfully swayed sustainability enthusiasts to join the OUR CHOICE movement, the challenge persists in reaching those yet untouched by the allure of sustainable fashion. How can we make circular choices not just appealing but irresistible to everyone, even those with minimal prior interest?

2024: A Year for Unleashing Circular Fashion Potential

One truth in our world remains constant—the ever-evolving nature of human behavior. As the new year approaches, my vision extends beyond selling circular products and more educational efforts to actually realizing a community that truly embodies the transformative shift we champion with OUR CHOICE.

A Call to Action: Decoding the Circular Shift in Fashion

Amidst the holiday revelries, I extend an open question to everyone in our network as we step into the new year—

  • How do we bridge the gap between sustainability enthusiasts and those yet untouched by circular practices?

  • What fashion items should we develop, and what innovative incentives can we introduce to encourage people to make choices with values at the forefront?

P.S. Join the Circular Revolution 

Navigating the uncharted waters of circular fashion 2024, let's collectively steer the ship toward a circular revolution. I invite you to reflect on the choices you make, not only in your wardrobe but in every facet of life. If you share my passion for embracing the circular shift, let's connect. We at OUR CHOICE are here to listen, learn, and embark on this transformative journey together.

Psst - if you're considering to invest in a pair of long lasting circular sneakers, we've kept the code "ECOXMAS20" for 20% off this season. Use it here. 

In the spirit of circularity, let's make 2024 the year where our choices resound with a commitment to a sustainable future.

Happy New Year!

With Love, 

Filip Westerlund and the OUR CHOICE Family

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