Privacy Policy

OUR CHOICE Fashion keeps some of your personal information in a secure way for specific reasons. All of which concern you. We use this personal information to upgrade your user experience on our web-shop while protecting your data. We protect 100% of our customers’ confidential information as well as those of our visitors.


How do we use your personal information and why?

We handle and store all data in compliance with GDPR and all the answers you need are available here.

If you need any more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at

How do we use your contact details and your name?

We need your identity, your postal address and your e-mail address to have your order delivered.


This information helps us sending you useful information by e-mail: order upgrades and delivery information.

Your contact information is also important as it helps us detecting frauds to protect you against them.

We also need this information to send you e-mails (newsletters) which will interest you.


How do we use your payment information?

OUR CHOICE Fashion pays a very special attention to the issues of security concerning online payments.


Your bank information is treated and stocked only by our bank: Swedbank and are never in the hands of OUR CHOICE Fashion.


How do we use your contact history?

We need your contact details to provide you with the best customer service and to give you all the help you need.


How do we use your buying history?

We need your buying history to deal with returns but also to provide you with the best customer service to give you all the help you need in case you need assistance.


How do we share your information?

OUR CHOICE Fashion does not sell your personal information (nor your name, postal address, e-mail address or bank details)


In order to provide you with the best service available, we share your data with the companies which take care of your order such as:

·       Warehouses, order packers, delivery companies as well as the payment providers

·       The people in charge of making our e-shop work, as well as police authorities and fraud prevention agencies



In the case you authorize us to do so, we will send you newsletters by e-mail in order to keep you informed of our news and to make you discover our new products.


How to stop receiving newsletters from us?

You can stop receiving our newsletters whenever you want to, just let us know by sending an email to:



A cookie is a file stocked by a website on your computer or on your cellphone in order to gather the data concerning your navigation on this website.

The cookies used on our web-shop allow us to identify the services and categories that you’ve visited.

We use these cookies on our e-shop to facilitate your experience on it as well as to enhance our services.


Your rights

You have many rights concerning your personal information. Here is a list of these rights:


Firstly, you have the right to access the personal information that OUR CHOICE Fashion has on you and you have the right to be informed on how we use it.


In the case we have any false information on you, you can correct it by sending us an email at


You have the right to ask us to delete your personal information or to stop using it in certain occasions.


You can stop receiving our newsletters whenever you want to by sending us an email at 


You have the right to file a complaint to your national data protection regulator.


We reserve the right to modify this page depending on the evolution of the way we process your data.


In the case we do, we will communicate about it on our e-shop or by e-mailing you so that you can get all the information you need on these changes.


If you have any questions or if you wish to give us feedback on this information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


Contact us

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Privacy policy


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