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We couldn't accomplish this all on our own; therefore, we invite you to explore the remarkable individuals and organizations we collaborate with, who contribute to creating a more sustainable world.

Join Our Global Movement:Partner With OUR CHOICE

We’re not just a circular fashion brand; we're a global community of value-driven individuals and businesses committed to systemic change. With partners and customers in over 24 countries, we're born global, and we believe in the power of coming together to lead the shift from a linear to a circular economy.


If you're an individual who shares our values, discover our products and join our global community. For businesses, let's explore what a collaboration with OUR CHOICE could look like! Contact us here. We also offer educational lectures and presentations on the topics of fashion and entrepreneurship in the circular economy. 


Together, we can achieve meaningful, systemic change on a global scale. Contact us today and be a part of the movement.

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