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When we started our company we realized there were limited options when it came to circular fashion choices, so we decided to create one.  We've encapsulated our commitment to Transparency, Choice, and Community within our values and our logo. The infinity pattern in three rows symbolizes the essence of our brand: Our goal is to establish Transparency in our business to help people make informed Choices so that we can foster a Community of people who will help us grow a sustainable future.



Transparency: The Vital First Step Towards a Circular Fashion Revolution

At OUR CHOICE, we firmly believe that Transparency is the essential starting point in our journey towards circular fashion. In an industry where transparency rates remain shockingly below 23 percent, we are committed to providing you with complete visibility into what you wear and who crafts your garments. Why is this so crucial? Because it's only with Transparency that you can make an informed choice for sustainable fashion, ultimately nurturing the community needed to drive the change from a linear to a circular economy.

Our Promise: Full Transparency 

We understand that transparency is the key to a future of circular fashion. That's why we pledge to provide you with complete information about every garment we create. From the materials used and their sourcing to the skilled hands behind your clothing, we want you to know it all. When you make a choice for circular fashion with OUR CHOICE, you choose clarity, authenticity, and a commitment to revolutionizing the fashion industry. Find out about our materials here.

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The Power of Choice

Choice is the bridge that connects our commitment to Transparency with the community-driven change we aspire to achieve. Informed choices are your superpower, and with them, you can take control of your narrative and embark on a journey towards circular fashion and the lifestyle you want for yourself. The choices you make do not only transforms your life but also contributes to the creation of a circular tomorrow that the world so desperately needs.

Every day, we are presented with choices. What we wear, what we eat, where we go – these choices shape our lives. Your choice is your unique fingerprint, a reflection of your values, and a statement about the world you wish to live in. We firmly believe that each individual has the power to change their life and, in doing so, contribute to a broader change in the world.


Your Choice, Our Circular Tomorrow

Your choice is your compass, guiding you towards a circular tomorrow. It all starts with a decision, and we're here to support you on your journey. Embrace Choice, empower change, and be part of a community of individuals who share your vision and lead the shift from a linear to a circular economy.



How can we belong and thrive in a period demanding us and the world to change at speed? After making an informed Choice, Our Community is your Connection to a Circular Future.

At OUR CHOICE, we believe that one of the keys to transforming our world lies in the personal connections we forge  with our fashion items. Our Community pillar is all about nurturing these relationships and making a significant shift from today's throwaway culture to a circular economy that values fashion for years and years, not just months.

Your Wardrobe, Your Legacy

Join us in building a wardrobe that tells your story, not a throwaway narrative. With our quality, long-lasting fashion, you can create a legacy that stands for not just great style, but also love. The OUR CHOICE items you love today will be cherished for years to come. The personal connection and the love for your items will shape memories you will not forget. This is fashion that endures.

Together Towards Circular Fashion

Our community is more than just a group of sustainable fashion enthusiasts; it's a movement towards a circular economy. We invite you to take part in this vital shift. By making deliberate choices to invest in quality over quantity, we can collectively reduce waste, minimize our environmental impact, and extend the life of fashion products. Experience the joy of having a long-lasting relationship with your fashion items. Join us and other like-minded individuals who understand that true fashion isn't about fast, fleeting trends but about timeless style that endures.

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