Plastics make up 63% of the raw materials used in the fashion. By 2050, there will be more plastics than fish in our oceans if we don't stop consuming fast fashion made from plastics. 

Our mission is to create a business that creates a positive impact for the planet instead of adding to the pollution. While the fast fashion industry keeps using more and more plastic to maintain the business model of low quality and high volumes, we do things differently. We are proud to lead the shift from traditional fashion where products end up in landfills into a circular model where the waste is designed out by keeping the products and material in use.


We do this by the following:

1. We utilize sustainable and circular raw materials that are less resource-intensive and that we can control.

2. Designed for an optimized and end-of-life in mind which makes our products easy to maintain, repair, upgrade or recycle.

3. We take full social responsibility and only produce ethical fashion in compliance with the EU-labor law

4. As a fashion-tech start-up, we only produce what our customers really want, on digital demand.

Read more about the circular production and materials of our products. (link to production)

For more questions, check out our FAQs. (link to FAQs)

The story behind OUR CHOICE. (link to a blog post about founding OUR CHOICE)

Circular Production


Unlike in fast fashion, our products are made to last. With our circular process, the product retaines its quality for as long as possible if not for a lifetime. Instead of fast fashion products that you use for a few months, the products from OUR CHOICE can serve you and others for many years to come.

To make it more clear, this is how our production looks like:

Circular Sneaker 576x576.gif

And this is how it looks like compared to fast fashion:

FeaturesArtboard 1.png

Our products can serve you for years to come through:

1. Re-using or re-distributing. The product is of such a high quality that you can sell it or pass it along to charity.

2. Mendable. If your product were to become damaged, its quality allows for it to be mended so that you can wear and use a good-looking and a well-functioning pair of shoes for more years to come.

3. High-quality raw materials. We see our products as a puzzle made up of high-quality pieces. Many times these high-quality pieces can be reassembled into a new circular product. 

4. Fully recyclable and biodegradable. If a product or part of it cannot be re-assembled, it can always be recycled to become energy or new materials. 

To make sure our products stay in use, we offer an upgrading service. (link)

Our products are produced in Portugal.

 Check out FAQs for more.



Our sneakers are 100% plastic-free (not even recycled PET bottles or ocean plastics). Producing them this way allows us to decrease CO2 emissions and waste ending up in landfills, as well as avoid microplastic from leaking into our oceans. We don’t believe in plastic – even recycled or up-cycled – we want to eliminate it before more damage is done to our planet and ocean ecosystem.


Upgrading Service


We offer a unique, full re-soling service for our sneakers so that you can keep them for longer. We only use high-quality premium materials for all our sneakers but after a period of wear, a new sole will invigorate your existing OUR CHOICE sneakers or allow you to pick a new sole color. 

Included in this service is the careful removal of the original sole unit with a replacement then attached and stitched into place. A fresh pair of insoles and waxed laces are then added, and a coat of polish is applied as a finishing touch.

After the old soles are removed, they’re recycled into new soles for new OUR CHOICE sneakers.

We recommend sending your shoes for an upgrade when they start to look worn out and in need of an upgrade. This is to make sure they remain in good condition and can be kept in use. The sneakers can be sent back in the package they were delivered in, or in any other package, you have at hand. The upgrading takes two weeks, after which the shoes will be sent back to you, ready to serve you for years to come.

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