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We're proud to lead the shift from


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Here is how we do it


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We utilize sustainable and circular raw materials that minimizes our resource intensity while maintaining control over all our sourcing.

Crafted with optimization and end-of-life considerations in mind, our products are engineered for effortless maintenance, repair, upgrades, or recycling.

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We take full social responsibility and only produce ethical fashion in compliance with the EU-labor law

As a fashion-tech start-upwe exclusively manufacture products based on authentic customer demand through digital means.


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Your product is made to last. 

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With our circular steps, OUR CHOICE products remain at their highest level of value for as long as possible if not for a life-time.

Instead of fast-fashion products that you use for a few months, the products from OUR CHOICE can serve you and others for many years to come through:


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Re-using or re-distributing.

The product is of such a high quality that you can sell it or pass it along to charity.

Mendable so that you can wear and use a good-looking and a well-functioning pair of shoes for years to come

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High-quality raw material that could be reassembled into new circular products.


All our products are fully recyclable and fully biodegradable.


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