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    New Product Launch: The Circular Cardholder


    The circular cardholder was developed by OUR CHOICE to offer our customers an all natural sustainable, accessory, made of the highest quality materials, with an available repair program. With this conscious design, we can ensure you that this piece will be with you for years to come.


    • Unique natural texture

    • Two High-Quality Leather Materials

    • Two card slots

    • Pocket for card or paper bills

    • UNISEX

    • Ethically made in Portugal


    • The Salmon Skin sourced as a by-product of the Fishing Industry, in accordance with EU Fishing Regulations.

    • The Calf Skin is Sourced as a by-product of the Italian food Industry.

    • The Leather is locally tanned in EU, using a chrome and metal free process.

    Fully Circular​

    • Sourced from 100% natural raw materials
    • Designed for longevity
    • Manufactured ethically in Portugal
    • Sold digitally on demand
    • Fully repairable on your request
    • Available to be re-sold on your request
    • Recyclable on your request
    • Climate neutral and climate positive*

    The CO2 of 0,3 kg per cardholder (0,3 is the average emission driving 200 meters) is compensated for by cleaning up and recycling 1kg of ocean plastics together with We compensate for 1 kg of Co2 emissions, making the cardholder not only neutral but climate positive.


    The Circular Cardholder - Ocean Blue

    • Order your wallet before the 15th of November for delivery before the 24th of December!

      Our business model is circular and digital on demand, which means that we only produce on request to avoid excessive stock and unneccessary CO2 emissions. 

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