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Circular Leadership Contest

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  1. Nominate your favorite circular brand.

    • We place an emphasis on circular fashion, but all circular products are welcome!  

  2. Let the voting begin! Cast a vote (or several!) for your favorite brands.

  3. The top 10 brands with the most votes will undergo a finalist verification process to assure the legitimacy of circular initiatives. 

    • We will utilize a shortened verification scheme based upon the Luxembourgish PCDS process.

  4. Finalists which pass our verification scheme will be reviewed and rated by a board of esteemed panelists.

    • Panelists will rate brands based upon the following criteria:

      1. Circularity Initiatives (How innovative are they? How do their initiatives compare with their peers in their industry?)

      2. Leadership (Are they guiding other sustainable brands? Offering support/expertise/resources for those hoping to perform more sustainably?)

      3. Transparency (People and Planet: Are they disclosing their supply chain/materials/compensating workers fairly? How do we know?)

      4. Pitch (Brands will give a short pitch to a live, online audience, as well as our panel of judges)

  5. Our Circular Leadership winner is announced!


Thanks for submitting!
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  1. The first product on OC circular portal

  2. Have a physical retail pop-up at the Foundry

  3. Be featured in live podcast with LuxUnplugged

  4. Partake in OC’s digital marketing campaigns via social media channels + email

  5. Interview with OC

  6. Spot in Circular museum?

  7. Scroble collab?

  8. Global press release coverage

  9. Exclusive membership in the OC founders’ circle 

  10. Small cash prize?


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Who We Are

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OUR CHOICE (OURCHOICE.ECO) is a circular fashion company headquartered in Luxembourg. Initially focused on producing the world’s first circular sneakers, the company is now expanding to become the go-to-platform for circular design. OC is utilizing the Luxembourgish PCDS (Product Circular Data Sheet) paired with blockchain technology to build a digital, circular marketplace which will sell verified, circular products, effectively unlocking the circular economy for a broader audience. 

OUR CHOICE strives to convert users into repeat customers by providing products with no endlife in sight, granting users the option to send their worn-out, circular products back for repairs, recycling, or re-sale. Further, all products will be fully transparent to assure that the user is able to hold producers accountable. All products will be verified by OUR CHOICE and comply with leading industry standards ensuring that all products are 100% circular.

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